Comenius Regio Project : Stop Mobbing Me

Consciously or unconsciously imposed, psychological violence drives people into the mood of losing self-confidence, feeling inferiority and eventually causes failure in life, which is more painful than physical violence.

Taking into consideration this devastating facet of psychological violence, two regional institutions (Malatya Province Directorate of National Education and Regional Center for Teacher Professional Development) in two countries (TURKEY, ROMANIA) together with their local partners ranging from schools, NGOs and other state institutions aim to raise awareness of the awaiting danger of this societally neglected issue and thus creating a more respectful and healthier society.

What is Mobbing?

Sometimes, a bit of word and a look or an implication is enough to destroy a person psychologically.

This action called psychological violence is a kind of attack that modern people continuously face at homes, schools, workplaces, in a social environment and that slyly intrudes in the life of ours.

In educational perspective, psychological violence can be said to occur between teacher - student, teacher - teacher, school administration - teacher and student, parent - student, student - student.

The objectives of the project are;

  • To promote awareness of the importance of exchanging best practices
  • On the website that will be created we will gather the examples of good practices
  • To encourage the use of foreign languages
  • To increase and improve communication skills and develop cultural knowledge
  • To develop values related to tolerance, adaptability, flexibility and intercultural understanding
  • To raise awareness and reduce the real problems caused by psychological violence, being very helpful for students
  • Malatya Milli Eğitim Müd.
  • Stop Mobbing me
  • Hayatboyu Öğrenme Programı
  • Türkiye Ulusal Ajans
  • Romanya Ulusal Ajans
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